Nervous Patients And Pain Free Dentistry

We understand dental anxiety and most importantly want to give you the time and care you need to feel relaxed and comfortable.

As well as listening to your needs and being patient, we also have the following options to help you through your dental treatment, should you need any.

Local Anaesthetic

We apply a numbing cream to your gum before every injection, which numbs the gum, reducing or nullifying the initial sensation of the injection.

Every time we numb a patient, we warm our anaesthetic to body temperature, so when it is injected there is no cold “sting”, as it is entering your gum at the same temperature as your body.

We also numb up in stages, we only put in a few drops at first, wait for it to numb that area, then give some more anaesthetic when it is already partially numb, so you don’t feel a thing.


The Wand

The wand is a revolutionary new, pen like device that can for the first time offer completely pain free injections! It is a computer controlled,  syringe free device that is placed next to the tooth and slowly “drips” in local anaesthetic to the tooth that needs treating.

  • Numbs only the tooth that is being treated, not the whole jaw
  • Wears off considerably quicker than normal anaesthetic
  • It is syringe free and pain free!

We are the only dental practice in Crowborough to use The Wand. Come and try it at our practice!
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Oral Sedation

For those who feel they may need some extra help in overcoming any dental fear or anxiety, please contact your doctor as they maybe able to prescribe medication for this.

This is in the form of medication, usually an anti anxiety drug, such as diazepam, which you take approximately an hour before the procedure. This ensures you enter a very relaxed and calm state before we begin treatment.

You would need to be accompanied home with an escort/ driver after oral sedation.


IV Sedation

If you feel you still require something stronger, we also offer a referral for IV Sedation, this is one step below general anaesthesia and is achieved though an IV injection, usually of Midazolam, in the back of your hand. You are still conscious and can respond to the dentist, but you are in a sedated form. It is very effective and patients usually have no recollection of the treatment afterwards!

You would need an escort/ driver to take you home.


If you like what you read above, or if you would like more information, please give us a call on the number above to book an appointment. We are always happy to help!

Please call the practice on 01892 610750 to make an appointment. Or an alternative and quicker way is to BOOK ONLINE It is quick, easy and takes less than a minute!