Patient Testimonials

“Very friendly, listened to my worries. Thank you for a pleasant experience.”

S.P. 30.06.2021

“Painless, very considerate.”

L.H. 30.06.2021

“I was also very pleased with the helpful and skillful work done by Kirsty!”

I.H. 27.04.2021

“Very impressed and happy with the patience from Kirsty (hygienist)”

A.G. 13.04.2021

“After hiding for years Sarah and Kirsty were caring, explained everything and I genuinely felt welcome. Simply best dentist and hygienist I’ve ever seen.”

P.O. 09.04.2021

“Fantastic treatment. Lovely helpful receptionist!!”

K.N. 31.03.2021

“Best scale and polish ever. Thank you.”

J.S. 26.03.2021

“Great experience for something I was dreading even though it was only a hygienist session. I was terrified of the dentist before joining Gentle Dental – now don’t mind coming – everyone makes it a great experience. Well done.”

A.V-V. 09.03.2021

“Super team, Dan and Millie are super kind, lovely kind service and super friendly. Thank you!!”

K.N. 03.03.2021

“Amazing, thank you. Great work.”

G.C. 24.02.2021

“Superb treatment. Lovely staff.”

S.S. 10.02.2021

“Very nice visit/consultation.”

M.S. 03.02.2021

“The hygienist was an amazing help. I’ve had a complete education on what I’ve been doing wrong with my teeth hygiene!!”

A.G. 02.02.2021

“Excellent and great treatment.”

D.W. 02.02.2021

“Excellent hygienist.”

J.M. 26.01.2021

“Brilliant 🙂 

S.W. 25.01.2021

“Absolutely amazing.”

S.D. 23.01.2021

“Lovely staff. Everything great.”

T.H. 15.01.2021

“Brilliant! Sorted broken tooth, no probs!”

R.S. 15.01.2021

“Friendly, gentle – brilliant!”

S.S. 13.01.2021

“Very good treatment.”

A.G. 07.01.2021

“Wonderful treatment.”

A. 05.01.2021

“Everything was excellent!”

J.F. 31.12.2020

“Left with teeth like new.”

M.H. 18.12.2020

“Felt very relaxed about visit. Thank you.”

J.I. 15.12.2020

“Wonderfully friendly and calm.”

N.D. 04.12.2020

“Fantastic service! Thanks!”

S.E. 03.12.2020

“A very pleasant experience – my first time here! Smiley friendly staff and efficient service.”

A.W. 01.12.2020

“Very friendly staff, quick appointment – called for an emergency appointment and was seen the same day.”

J.G. 28.11.2020

“Very friendly and informative for first visit. Thank you.”

J.D. 27.11.2020

“First visit – helpful, good explanation – feel I’ve chosen the right new dentist.”

L.G. 27.11.2020

“First visit, feel at ease and in safe hands. Thank you.”

M.W. 19.11.2020

“Fab work from hygienist. “

N.H. 07.11.2020

“Hygienist is amazing!”

A.P. 03.11.2020

“Very sympathetic and gentle. Good teamwork between Dentist and Assistant. “

M.T. 26.10.2020

“Dentist put me at ease and I felt in control at all times.  “

L.A. 24.10.2020

“Saw hygienist Kirsty today. So lovely, explains everything and very gentle. Hope to see her next time.”

L.H. 21.10.2020

“New patient with two disabilities which usually aren’t taken into account BUT Kirsty knew all about them and was amazing. Will be returning with family in tow! Thank you a thousand times over 🙂 “

S.H. 20.10.2020

“Made a great job of my tooth, thank you. “

P.B. 14.10.2020

“I felt incredibly nervous however the dentist and nurse were so helpful and understanding. They took everything at my pace putting me at ease. I felt in control and supported the whole time.”

L.A. 26.09.2020

“Excellent visit to the hygienist, very thorough and friendly. “

D.R. 26.02.2020

“Hygienist – Lovely manner, friendly, kind and thorough. Thank you.”

L.L. 26.02.2020

“Dentist is fabulous – so kind – treats his dentistry as a true craft.”

C.S. 12.02.2020

“So gentle, did not feel a thing! “

L.H. 07.02.2020

“Very helpful. Options explained fully. Very friendly.”

A. 05.02.2020

“Very good, friendly, helpful, clean.”

H.K. 03.02.2020

“Very good – lots of work needed – high quality.”

M.G. 30.01.2020

“Excellent! “

J.F. 30.01.2020

“I’ve traveled a long way and it was definitely worth it!”

G.S. 27.01.2020

“Thank you so much for kind and patient treatment.”

S.P. 20.01.2020

“Very friendly and patient, excellent advice.”

K.M. 18.01.2020

Good advice. Efficient. Feeling clean. (saw hygienist)”

J.D. 18.01.2020

“Really good treatment. made to feel totally at ease throughout.”

J.H. 18.01.2020

“V. friendly and knowledgeable! Recommend. Thanks.”

A.H. 18.01.2020

“Great treatment for dental phobic patient. Thanks v. much.”

A.S. 02.01.2020

“Best dentist ever, efficient, kind and caring!”

I.W. 12.12.2019

“Fantastic treatment and very much appreciated!🙂”

S.C. 02.12.2019

“Experienced no pain despite having 2 fillings.”

J.L. 18.11.2019

“No pain. Thank you.”

K.P. 18.11.2019

“Very, very, very good caring dentist, keeping me informed all the way and the nurse was very caring also. Thank you!”

A.L. 14.11.2019

“More than satisfied with my dental treatment. Thank you.”

J.H. 15.10.2019

“Very good hygienist. Best so far. Kind, efficient, smiley, quick. Hope he stays.”

T.S. 08.10.2019

“Best clean I have had in many a long day. Thanks.”

M.H. 08.10.2019

“Best clean ever.”

P.S. 25.09.2019

“Thank you for a great first visit. Enjoyed coming to the dentist.”

C.S. 18.9.2019

“First appointment – really good service. Thank you!”

J. W-T. 15.09.2019

“The best clean (hygienist) I’ve ever had!”

C. B. 21.08.2019

“Excellent treatment, friendly and explained everything really well. A great practice and dentist. Thank you.”

J.G. 19.08.2019

“Once again thank you for the pain free dental. Pujan and staff always kind and friendly. From a nervous patient who is now at ease when I come for treatment.”

L. D. 15.07.2019

“Best hygienist appointment, I have ever had! The hygienist guided me through every process and made me feel exteremely at ease! Highly recommended.”

G. J. 03.08.2019

“A difficult procedure handled with skill and compassion. By no means exactly painless, but a small price to pay for a very professional treatment. My thanks to all concerned.”

J. T. 31.07.2019

“Another episode of “The Crown” shortly. Well done Daniel and Hannah – pain free!”

C. R.0 4.07.2019

“Very very pleasant experience and very welcoming staff – thank you!”

V. P. 03.07.2019

“First time without pain [for filling]. Amazing.”

A.S. 25.06.2019

“I was made to feel very welcome and Pujan did a wonderful job. Thank you!”

L. B. 23.06.2019

“Laura (Hygienist) was fab and made me feel less anxious! Thank you! 🙂”

K. L. 12.06.2019

“Excellent dentistry Dan.”

D. T. 02.05.2019

“Very nervous patient – both Daniel and Hanna were really reassuring, patient and kind. I had no pain and it was very quick! Thank you!”

J. P. 03.04.2019


B. C. 16.03.2019

“Hygienist. There is simply not enough accolades! She is amazing. 30 years of being a super-phobic patient wiped out in a moment – Amazing! Thank you.”

S. W. 23.01.2019

“Very kind, extremely patient. No need to worry!”

H. L. 21.01.2019

“Many thanks for the hard work on Saturday. Looking forward to the rest of the treatment!”

D. A. 19.01.2019

“Despite toothache, the whole experience at your practice was great and I would like to thank you for everything.”

D. F. 16.01.2019

“The dentist is brilliant. So calm and thorough. Highly recommended”

V. S. 15.01.2019

“Excellent service. So kind and patient with a lovely manner. get so nervous in advance but wonderful treatment and handling really reassured me.”

S.P. 11.01.2019

“Brilliant, as I am normally very very nervous. Thanks for being patient with me!”

P. I.0 8.01.2019

“For someone who is extremely nervous I was surprised to find my treatment relaxing! Great service – thank you for being so patient!”

D. R. 08.01.2019

“Excellent service. Brilliant.”

G. B. 07.01.2019

“Very good service and great bedside manner.”

G. H.0 4.12.2018

“Had implants fitted. AMAZING!! Thanks.”

S. S. 04.12.2018


B.W. 03.12.2018

“Perfect (very pleased).”

N.S. 28.11.2018

“Root canal was a breeze I couldn’t believe how smooth it all went!”

P.B. 27.11.2018

“So quick – and painless!”

J.S. 22.11.2018

“Brilliant service. Fitted me in. Happy”

J.W. 10.11.2018

“I think it was the best treatment I have ever had in a dentist surgery. Very pleasant and encouraging. Thank you for making me feel so much better.”

B.W. 11.10.2018

“Friendly service, relaxed and professional.”

A.F. 10.10.2018

“Superb, thorough service. Very welcoming and good prices”

A.C. 10.10.2018

“The hygienist was a very pleasant lady and better than others I’ve to. A nice warm smile.”

N.M. 09.10.2018

“Unbelievably wonderful!”

N.N. 08.10.2018

“Very relaxed. Quick and painless. I’m a nervous patient!”

D.D. 08.10.2018

“Very friendly service, best I’ve been to. Fast and good service.”

T.D. 03.10.2018

“The hygienist was superb, not too aggressive, efficient and a great manner.”

G.V. 02.10.2018

“I have a real fear of all dentists usually, and particularly injections. Pedro and his dental nurse are fantastic and so caring. Best dentist ever.”

J.C. 02.10.2018

“Probably the best dental treatment I ever recieved. The wisdom tooth was out so quick and no pain. The staff were also very friendly and helpful. Thanks a lot.”

J.Z. 28.09.2018

“The best dentistry I have ever experienced in 65 years.”

P.K. 27.09.2018

“Unbelievable treatment. I will never be afraid to come to Gentle Dental. Thank you so much.”

S.S. 26.09.2018

“Excellent, very professional, explained all, will recommend.”

K.G. 19.09.2018

“As usual, excellent treatment. The new hygienist was so helpful. I’ve recommended of people to this practice.”

S.J. 19.09.2018

“Very pleased with quick service, work and price.”

Y.B. 17.09.2018

“Had four fillings today, the procedure was painless and very fast. Very, very pleased with the results. Thank you.”

E.R-U. 13.09.2018

“Absolutely wonderful.”

J.E. 12.09.2018

“Excellent cleaning. Lovely girl”

S.C. 11.09.2018

“Thorough and gentle”

R.H. 10.09.2018

“Excellent hygienist. Teeth feel good. Very pleasant manner.”

S.H. 10.09.2018

“From the moment of entering surgery, all staff friendly and warm smiles. Dentist very friendly, efficient, kept me fully informed. I had extractions and found little discomfort. Nicest practice I have attended.”

N.M. 24.08.2018

“AMAZING! Wonderful care and skillful dentistry! 11 year old daughter needed root canal. It was a breeze. Super staff. Thanks so much!”

L.W. 12.07.2018

“First visit with hygienist. Very welcoming and a good gentle clean of my teeth.”

A.S. 10.07.2018

“Very friendly and efficient team. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you.”

A.R. 07.07.2018

“Very good staff.”

D.P. 15.05.2018

“Just to say very happy. Thank you.”

B.D. 25.04.2018

“Very happy, everyone on staff very nice, will carry on using dentist.”

L.L. 24.04.2018

“2 painless extractions at last :)”

A.B. 21.04.2018

“Very happy.”

C.A. 16.04.2018

“Fantastic service. Extremely friendly and competent staff.”

J.B. 10.04.2018

“Wonderful surgery very reassuring.”

N.N. 10.04.2018

“Never had such great, painless fillings. really happy.”

E.B. 07.04.2018

“Wonderful, had 4 fillings, never felt any pain, teeth cleaned. very patient and kind. Brilliant service and very friendly.”

M.S. 07.04.2018

“Brilliant service, friendly, painless. Regular check-ups from now on.”

B.G. 06.04.2018

“Very pleased with my clean and fillings. Teeth look great!”

S.W. 28.03.2018

“Absolute life savers. No fuss, excellent service. Have registered as a patient.”

A.H. 28.03.2018

“Fabulous service. Dr Soni is great!!”

F.P. 17.03.2018

“A fantastic dentist, really puts you at ease. Very pleased.”

M.D. 14.03.2018

“Thank you so much for seeing me at such short notice. Also for your kindness and gentle way you dealt with my problem.”

J.A. 26.02.2018

“I was just saying to Mr. Soni how in previous years I wouldn’t bother with my 6 months check-ups as I didn’t like my dentist! Now I keep up with my appointments, so glad I found Mr. Soni – he’s a great dentist!”

E. J. 23.02.2018

“Amazing! I have my smile back. Best dentist ever.”

L.J. 20.02.2018

“Had crown and front tooth ‘bleached’, all went well. Front tooth looks like new! Very happy and nice dentist, assistant and receptionist.”

D. W. 16.02.2018

“Root canal treatment back in December. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was out of pain. Feel very happy to have found a great dentist. Thank you.”

B.E. 06.02.2018

“Marvellous job! Happy to recommend.”

S.C. 02.02.2018

“Very nice dentist, so helpful and kind.”

A.O. 30.01.2018

“Wonderful treatment – check-up and clean – thank you. You make coming to the dentist a pleasure.”

C.B. 23.01.2018

“Very good treatment. Lovely staff.”

J.E. 19.01.2018

“Very professional and informative. Best experience at the dentists I have had!”

A.G. 17.01.2018

“Very relaxed afternoon.”

J.B. 17.01.2018

“Have been 3 times in the last week due to infection and extraction – very nervous but put at ease and very patient with me. Very happy customer.”

J. R. 16.01.2018

“Awesome, best dentist I have ever encountered. Absolutely top drawer.”

J.R. 06.01.2018

“Many thanks Pujan. That tooth extraction was incredibly painless. Much appreciate your care and attention.”

M.P. 02.01.2018

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