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All On 6 Dental Implants

All On 4/ All On 6 Dental Implants In Crowborough, Sussex

Do you struggle with significant teeth loss and are searching for full-arch rehabilitation options?


Are you searching for advanced, stable dental restoration options such as all-on-6 to bring back your smile?


Welcome to Crowborough Gentle Dental Practice – the specialist dental clinic for full-arch restorations. Our all-on-4 / all-on-6 is an advanced procedure that can give you a fixed, durable, full-arch teeth restoration through a minimally invasive procedure.


With 6 implants, you will find the dentures are more firmly fixed to your jaws and getting long-lasting results.

Revolutionise Your Oral Health with All-on-Four/Six Dental Implants

All-on-Four/Six dental implants are a transformative solution for those missing most or all of their teeth. This innovative procedure allows us to replace all your upper or lower teeth with just four or six implants.


The result?


A complete, natural-looking smile that restores function, aesthetics, and oral health. With All-on-Four/Six, you’ll enjoy a new lease on life, where you can eat, speak, and smile with absolute confidence.

Take advantage of our Dental Implant Bundle Offer, which includes:


✅ FREE Consultation (worth £95)

✅ FREE CBCT Scan (worth £195)

✅ FREE Hygiene Visit (worth £59.50)

✅ FREE Digital X-Rays (worth £55)

✅ FREE 3D Scan of Teeth (worth £195)


👉 PLUS: Finance and Monthly Payment options are available! (as low as £113.63 per month for 24 months)


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The Benefits Of All On 6 Dental Treatment

In all-on-6  implants, the additional dental fixtures, compared to all-on-4, ensure uniform distribution of pressure from dentures to your jaws, giving you more comfort. This also helps you enjoy your favourite foods without worrying about your bite with our dental prosthetic.

The procedure is completed in only a few visits to the clinic. The additional implant of all-on-6 means the denture is better fixed to your jaw while making sure you have improved oral health.

The implants also help you to maintain the structural integrity of your jaws by giving support, and that is important to keep the shape and structure of your face.

Jawbones without teeth can break down over time, and the patients may look older by losing the shape of their face.


When comparing all-on-6 dental implant costs with the benefits, you will find the novel procedure as a high-value option
for dental restoration.

The Treatment Procedure

We have a streamlined all-on-6 procedure to ensure optimal results and hassle-free experience for our patients. The multi-stage procedure has the following steps:


All On 6 Implant Oral Examination

Our experienced cosmetic dentists in Crowborough, Sussex and implant specialists will examine your oral structure, review your dental and medical history, and take photographs, x-rays, and 3D imaging. Based on the examination, we will confirm whether our all-on-six implants procedure can address your dental issues.


All On 6 Dentures Implant Treatment Plan

Our implant dentist in Crowborough will create a tailored all-on-six treatment plan for you based on the examination and your preferences. This treatment plan will
include the end-to-end procedure, the all-on-six implants cost, the final position of the implants, the expected outcome, and more. We will also use the diagnostic data to determine the position of dentures for aesthetics, function, and speech.


All On 6 Dental Implants Process

Our implant dentists in East Sussex will remove the remaining teeth from your jaw and prepare the bone to receive the implants. By administering general anaesthesia, we will surgically place the dental implants into your jawbone and put sutures.

Why All-On-six Dental Implants?

Crowborough Gentle Dental Practice is an expert provider of implant dentistry solutions with many years of expertise. You will find our treatments and services the best fit for your needs with the following characteristics:


  • Qualified experienced dental implant specialists
  • Streamlined procedure for quick services
  • State-of-the-art systems and tools
  • Painless treatment procedures
  • Friendly, professional service experience

All our procedures, including all-on-six dentures and implants, are competitively priced to make them affordable.



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Just had my first appointment there and cannot praise the lovely Hazel Del Rosa enough. Gentle, caring and incredibly thorough at explaining issues. If I hadn’t already been aware her explanation wouldn’t have scared me in the slightest, I felt reassured regarding the care offered.
Had a great experience at CGD. I have had some brutal experiences in the past with other dentists and was apprehensive. I needed an extraction and it was handled brilliantly. No pain at all and done quickly and with a great deal of care and sensitivity. I highly recommend this practise if you have any fear of visiting the dentist. Excellent!
I visited Shreyas Mhatre for an implant assessment which first required treatment for an underlying infection. Throughout the whole process I really appreciated his calm and reassuring manner along with a clear, honest expectation for success. Combined with his attention to detail and precision, I felt confident with his work and am very happy with the final results. Highly recommended for implant and root canal work.

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