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Dental Cleaning

Dental Hygiene treatments In Crowborough, Sussex

At Crowborough Gentle Dental , we encourage our patients to practice preventative care to protect their oral health and avoid the need for expensive cosmetic or restorative procedures in the future.


Keeping up with your regular appointments for a check-up and a professional hygienic dental cleaning at our Essex, dental office helps ensure that your teeth remain healthy and clean. These visits allow us to identify and treat any dental problems in their earliest stages, before they become complex conditions.


A professional cleaning can reach deeper than brushing and flossing alone, removing built-up bacteria and plaque from the pockets that form between the teeth and gums.

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Why Do I Need a Professional Cleaning?


Many patients ask why they need regular dental cleanings when they brush and floss their teeth twice a day at home. Even the best oral hygiene habits cannot reach as deep as a professional hygienist’s tools. Bacteria that is allowed to build up near the gum line can be frequently missed with brushing and flossing alone. The plaque that is left behind eventually hardens into a calcified substance called tartar, which contributes to the development of gum disease.

What to Expect During a Dental Check-up


Dental check-ups allow your dentist to stay current with any changes to your dental health and hygiene. You should attend a check-up every six months to ensure optimal oral hygiene. The doctor will review your medical history and ask about any recent developments, such as new medications or pregnancy, which can affect your dental health. Our dentist will perform a complete oral exam, including an evaluation of your gums, screening for oral cancer, and inspecting your teeth for signs of decay. He may use imaging studies or x-rays to get an in-depth look at your teeth and underlying structures of your mouth, to identify any potential problems.


Professional Dental Cleaning


Your professional cleaning will begin with the removal of plaque and tartar from your teeth. The hygienist will use an instrument called a scaler to gently eliminate these stubborn deposits from between your teeth and near the gum line.


If the hygienist determines that you have deeper pockets between your teeth and gums, you may require a deeper cleaning called scaling and root planning. This treatment involves using the scaler to remove plaque from the roots of your teeth, below the gum line, and smoothing over rough spots on the roots where bacteria can accumulate.

We typically recommend a fluoride treatment after your cleaning to help strengthen the enamel and protect your teeth against decay.

After removing all plaque and tartar, your hygienist will polish your teeth to reduce the appearance of minor stains. We typically recommend a fluoride treatment after your cleaning to help strengthen the enamel and protect your teeth against decay. Some patients may also request a whitening treatment, which can be done during a regular check-up appointment.

dental hygienist in crowborough sussex

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Attending regular dental exams and cleanings will ensure that your teeth stay healthy and clean. Please contact our dental practice to schedule an appointment for a cleaning and check-up with our caring team.

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Just had my first appointment there and cannot praise the lovely Hazel Del Rosa enough. Gentle, caring and incredibly thorough at explaining issues. If I hadn’t already been aware her explanation wouldn’t have scared me in the slightest, I felt reassured regarding the care offered.
Had a great experience at CGD. I have had some brutal experiences in the past with other dentists and was apprehensive. I needed an extraction and it was handled brilliantly. No pain at all and done quickly and with a great deal of care and sensitivity. I highly recommend this practise if you have any fear of visiting the dentist. Excellent!
I visited Shreyas Mhatre for an implant assessment which first required treatment for an underlying infection. Throughout the whole process I really appreciated his calm and reassuring manner along with a clear, honest expectation for success. Combined with his attention to detail and precision, I felt confident with his work and am very happy with the final results. Highly recommended for implant and root canal work.

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