Dental Implants

Here at Crowborough Gentle Dental Clinic, our dental implantologist is very caring and sympathetic to your needs. He is an expert in the field of dental Implantology, having placed over 2500 dental implants with a personal success rate of over 98%.

Dental Implants have the highest success rate of the gap restorations. They don’t involve the drilling down of adjacent teeth as with a bridge, and are a far superior alternative to bulky, plastic dentures.

Please read below, and if you feel you fit into any of these categories, talk to us and our dentists will be able to help you!

Are you embarrassed by your teeth, have any failing teeth or any gaps in your mouth?

If you do then a single tooth implant could be the answer. This is ideal anywhere in the mouth, whether you have a failing tooth or a gap, in the front of your mouth or the back. We can restore that gap with a beautifully natural tooth that is as close as possible to the tooth you had before.

Single tooth implants should be considered where you have a failing tooth, such as a failed root canal treatment, a periodontally involved (advanced gum disease), wobbly or broken tooth that may not be able to be saved by conventional methods anymore.

Do you have any larger gaps in the mouth or  a gap with a failing tooth next to it?

Larger gaps can be restored with an implant supported bridge as in the diagram. This can give you back your teeth in an area where you thought it was not possible, and where conventional bridges may not be suitable.

This gives increased function, aesthetics and all with a higher success rate than bridges or dentures.

Do you have full denture that you never liked or has now got loose, uncomfortable, or you feel it’s not performing its function effectively anymore?

This can be a life changing experience and the pinnacle of dental implants. It can transform people from an old, psychologically damaging set of dentures, or failing set of teeth, to a complete set of brand new full arch teeth with dental implants.

Imagine no more cleaning your denture every night, taking them out between meals to clean, worried they may drop down or somebody may notice. And suffering with all this whilst getting reduced bite and taste sensation.

Our pain free dentist can give you your bite and appearance back to how it once was, improve function, taste and appearance!

Do you have a full denture but feel you can’t afford dental implants?

We provide the option of an implant supported denture. This is usually achieved with four implants and sometimes in the lower jaw only 2 implants are needed, meaning:
• A stable denture that isn’t loose anymore, and definitely no need for any denture adhesives.
• Being able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want.
• Preserves bone levels around the implants maintaining your appearance.
• Restores lip support, minimising/ reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Below is some information about dental implants and the advantages of having them:

  • If you have a gap, then your mouth isn’t performing its function as it should be. This can cause the teeth around the gap to move, tilting or rotating the teeth, causing a poor appearance, reduced function and plaque traps. A gap also means that you are relying on the other teeth in that area for chewing putting extra stress on them and potentially reducing their health in the long run.
  • Implants have the highest success rate of any gap restoration. Our dental Implantologist has a 98 percent success rate!!

  • They are a better alternative to a gap, denture or bridge. They fuse with your natural bone to re-create a root like structure that is as close as possible to your real tooth, which is then crowned like a normal tooth. Effectively giving you a fully functioning, natural looking tooth.

  • Dentures can feel bulky, hard to get used to, can often have poor function. The bite is never the same and often there are many things that you can’t eat/have difficulty eating, as well as reduced taste sensation. But the most common complaint is that people feel they have no other choice but to wear dentures or feel they are far too young to start wearing dentures.This can be restored with Dental Implants.
    • With implants you feel that it is your natural tooth. When you bite down with one, the force of the chewing is coming from the implant itself as it is fused with the underlying bone, just like a real tooth. Bridges rely on the teeth next door, and dentures bite down on the gum underneath.

Dental Implant Prices:

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